I was having a rough time figuring some things out and my particular agent was not returning my calls. I went to Kendall who was not my agent and he helped to resolve my problem with the carrier. He recommended that I stay on my current plan even when I wanted to change over so that he would be my agent. I trust him to do what is right for me.  
- Lois


 I was turning 65 and had just an enormous amount of mail and questions. After just a short meeting with Kendall I understood how all the options fit together and was no longer confused. After another meeting he helped me decide the best option for my situation. Then about a year later we went though the same decision for my wife. In the meantime, he has answered every call I have placed to him.  
- Bill


 I was becoming eligible for Medicare but wanted to continue to work. I had no idea what to do about Medicare and my group insurance. He helped decide to delay my Medicare till I decided to quit working. But in my husband’s case we decided it was better to go ahead and take the Medicare options. Kendall if very good at making these decisions understandable. 
- Sara